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How are you going to survive against the Coronavirus? Midnight in Malibu, just can't stop coughing. You notice everything becoming a blur, eyes watering, temperature rising.

Reach for a glass of water, suddenly you fall on the floor. Can't get up, legs will not move. Someone calling in the distance. It is your loved one.

Blood on the floor. Bang on your head. Lungs. You look down, and realize there is a meaty piece of flesh that looks like a piece of a lung.

"I think I need to go to the hospital," You say to your friend.
"Right now?" asks your friend, you feel dizzy, the cold air outside hitting your face. "Hold onto this tissue" says your friend, handing you a bloody tissue.
You hold up the bloody tissue, and say, "Is this my blood…a piece of my lung?" And so begins your journey to the Emergency Room (ER). 

Do I have the coronavirus? 

The second you see the bloody tissue, you will be sure that you have the "coronavirus,". If you have the mild form of the disease, you will so be relieved when you learn I can survive, but the other patients in ER that are still really sick, will die before sunrise.

The X-ray of your lungs shows significant damage from whatever the coronavirus has done to your body. You will still keep remembering the lung X-ray hanging on the hospital wall and wake up sweating in your living room to remind yourself of the younger adventures in your life, and that life is important. You survived, and "every day above ground is a good day, better than being buried beneath the dirt." 

Hallucinating with a high fever for at least a week before you learn that you were one of the early coronavirus cases in California. 

Prevention tips to protect yourself from the Coronavirus:

1. Stay hydrated. 

Drink lots of water, and avoid or limit drinks that will dehydrate you such as coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Eating foods with high amounts of water, like fruits and vegetables, also helps.

2. Boost your immune system, naturally

There are plenty of foods that can help your immune system. Make sure to consult your doctor, consume large amounts of raw ginger and garlic whenever you are at risk for disease. Peppers and citrus fruits are also excellent disease fighters. Your colleagues might hate you for eating that big garlic clove, but if it keeps you from getting sick or helps you get better faster, it's worth it! 

3. Get plenty of sleep

This was one is the biggest mistakes of all, and very likely could compromise your immune system even further, making you especially susceptible to the coronavirus. Whether you're a workaholic or a party animal (or both), be sure to get enough sleep or your immune system will be weakened.

4. Wash your hands

Carry hand sanitizer everywhere, but that doesn't catch everything, so be sure to frequently wash your hands with soap and warm water. Health professionals recommend singing "the happy birthday song" to yourself to make sure you've washed your hands thoroughly for a sufficient amount of time. Make it a habit to immediately wash my hands whenever you return home and before every meal, and it will dramatically cut down how often you are sick.

5. Work from home

This is actually probably one of the best ways to prevent disease.  A coworker could forward you a phishing email that compromises your accounts, but they can't give you Wuhan Coronavirus over Slack or email.  Needless to say, you won't be sharing any germs unless you do a team retreat. If one positive thing comes from the Coronavirus, it would be encouraging more companies to consider remote teams and work from home policies.  

6 Carry tissues

Besides wearing a surgical-grade or n95 masks if you think you're sick or potentially exposed to infected people, the next best thing you can do is use tissues when you sneeze. Carry a disposable pack in your travel bag.
7. Disinfect your environment

Public places are filthy, especially airports and airplanes.  Carry disposable disinfectant wipes in your travel bag. Wipe down the plane seat and other especially germy places before coming in contact with them. There's also some great hand sanitizer out there. Find your favorite, maybe it is the lavender vanilla scented stuff at Whole Foods, but it's probably in other stores and on Amazon.  

8. Think twice about sharing

If someone invites you to a "family style" meal, and the coronavirus is present, you should limit your exposure to possible contamination as much as possible. So don't share drinks, and definitely don't share vapes, if you smoke. (Obviously, smoking also weakens your immune system and can damage your lungs, making them easier to be infected.)

9. Don't travel while sick!

Traveling when you're sick is a terrible idea. Not only are you more likely to get even sicker if you're already feeling unwell, you're also spreading disease.
10. If you're sick, seek medical attention immediately!

Finally, don't wait to seek medical attention. Probably you should have gone to the hospital when the first symptoms appeared, but you foolishly decided to wait until you returned home. If your symptoms had progressed slightly faster, you could have died. If you think you have contracted the Coronavirus, seek medical treatment early. Make sure a loved one, close friend, or colleague also knows you're feeling unwell so they can check on you in case you become even sicker.  

I hope this was helpful and that it keeps you and your loved ones healthy, and protected from the Coronavirus and other diseases.