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Together we fight to save our world
Malibu elite businessmen and women working three jobs to support a family could be left with mounting healthcare debts.

For some, the debt will prove to be too much to pay. Suicide, self-harm, divorce and violence in the home could be triggered by the onslaught of the killer coronavirus.

Credit debt mounting. How is a father/mother going to get out of a mountain of debt?

The number of COVID-19 cases in the US has surpassed 500 across 34 states by some estimates, with at least 22 deaths. 

United Kingdom is heading for complete 'shut-down' in less than 10 days from now.

Coronavirus will be upon us and the local doctors in Malibu or Los Angeles can't be told: "there is no money to pay for medical bills."

Homes might have to be sold, another dreadful financial blow for a family, and with the disease spreading even faster, there are some who will take the ultimate risk - no insurance or drastic cuts from medical bills.

The cost of treatment cut because extra debts have to be paid. Mother/Father on the line; should they suffer or get better treatment at the expense of another family being left with a huge debt?

The number of uninsured non-elderly people in the US rose to 27.9 million in 2018 under President Donald Trump - an increase of half a million from the previous year, according to the non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).

Most uninsured people in the US are working poor - meaning they are from in low-income households that have at least one person working.

People of colour are at higher risk of being uninsured than non-Hispanic whites, KFF notes. 

Malibu could see the highest rate in suicides, divorce and re-settlement in 2020. Families torn apart due to the coronavirus.

We have been told that it is unlikely anyone will be denied testing; but uninsured Malibu families could delay testing or avoid testing altogether.

Coronavirus would spread and poor families perish.

A terrible thought, as news spreads about rioting in jails across Italy. We are facing a nightmare, that none of us has seen before, the rise of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus could be mild in young people, but more severe in the elderly and require hospitalisation. Testing our loyalties - faith and love for each other. Some have jobs, some have nothing. If we try to save money, another external factor just comes along and leaves us with a huge medical bill.

If you went to an emergency room and was tested negative for COVID-19, only to be presented with a $3,270 bill - $1,400 of which your insurance company says you are responsible for, are you going to pay the bill?

The poorest families and single parents living in Malibu, have signed up to short-term policies that don't meet the requirements of the federal Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare.

These short-term policies offer coverage that lasts less than a year, places tight limits on doctor visits and covered benefits, and can exclude people with pre-existing conditions, according to a KFF analysis.

A person with such a plan may choose it because of its low premiums, then find it caps hospital coverage at $1,000 per day, even though the average cost of a three-day hospital stay in the US runs about $30,000, according to

The problem is that this plan will hasten the spread of COVID-19 across Malibu, every woman, man, child infected. Professional, skilled, semi-skilled and retired could die because someone picked the cheapest option on the table.

Last week, Vice President Mike Pence announced that low-income Americans and pensioners over age 65 who have health coverage under federal programmes Medicaid and Medicare would have their testing costs covered.

Could we do better, make coronavirus testing free to all who need it. Try to save a life, instead of humiliating those that can't afford healthcare.

Everyone has a right to know if they are carrying this disease. We need to show respect, give people something they can believe in, a chance to make amends of the wrongs of the past. Make Malibu good again.

Every race, religion, one voice, standing together to protect one another.

We need to rise against this disease; no violence, no discrimination, no humiliation of the poor that are infected.

Without hope, we have nothing. To gain respect, we must unite the world to fight against a killer disease. We must be strong, we will save many lives.