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Loss of a role model
We all love our role models. Movie stars, sports stars, music stars; we love them all. But what if one should die during a coronavirus outbreak. Our hearts would be broken.

We build too much emotion and focus attention on social media to hear the latest about our beloved star. Fans lives revolve around a fleeting glimpse or wave.

Screaming at concerts and the 'meet and greet' bring many together as one. We feel we belong.

This virus outbreak can bring the world together, but for others there is division and hatred, fear, an instinct to hold a gun for protection.

This community must remain positive if dreadful events occur in the coming months. Families may witness death and illness on a grand scale, tears and sadness on their faces, but we must stay strong for everyone.

When a negative experience occurs, it knocks us back, the shock, why wasn't I prepared for death or coping with an illness. We most likely will endure some sort of numbness, frustration, or anxiety. Whether they manifest in physical, psychological, or mental varieties, some sort of psychic disability results from the negativity. The single response when all of these aspects connect is pain.

Pain can manifest in many ways. Pain presents a sensation of emptiness, or a piece that is missing. If we have to grieve, remember that everyone has to be brave.

Death of a role model. No one else was as honest, educated, stylish, or professional as that person. While it may seem odd that you could be so close to a role model, to you, it was about that person making an effort to understand how you cope with daily life, give advice and guide you, that role model leaves a significant mark in that person’s academic and social career.

When everyone learns of the loss, not one dry eye exists in Malibu. All we will remember are the good times. Our role model would describe some enlightenment he/she experienced during work. Challenging us to do better every day.

A song to help us connect or special project, forming a habit and and starting every sentence with a memorable phrase.

You may
never have met such an engaging, trustworthy, or committed individual. Among these and the many adjectives I can use to describe your role model, one word fits him/her perfectly: passionate.

He/she saw their mission in life as sharing the passion for sport, acting, singing, teaching through words and actions every day he/she walked through Malibu. He/she accomplished that mission.

Nevertheless, upon hearing the news, you will feel something no child/fan/parent or partner should ever feel.

I write this article now because I know that you shouldn't be glum, looking at this despairing situation (coronavirus outbreak) alone. Those of us who have lost a significant person in our lives (i.e. california fires) know it is beyond difficult. When losing someone you looked up to, you know that those are extraordinarily big shoes to fill and may seem almost impossible to do so. Moving through such a mournful situation takes time. I still can’t believe it, but I have learned to accept it. We must stand tall, no matter what lies ahead, the unknown. Just remember that you are loved, a part of this community. The smile and attitude to live life to the full, you will be remembered.

Below are lessons I learned from a tragic loss that may bring hope to the bereathed and can help others in similar situations.

They were the mentors

We followed them because we admired their style, their ways, especially their successes. We must try to follow in their footsteps to accomplish our goals and earn the same kind of respect and acknowledgement that they did.

We can always be better

Even though we applauded and praised them, it is natural to experience feelings of envy. Now, we have a chance to practice everything they taught us, and put in our blood, sweat, and tears into something new and never before seen. It is our turn to create something remarkable and rise to the top as they did.

They want us to grow

It is unquestionable that our role models knew the impact, significance, and influence that they were making on our lives. But, what now? Who will guide us? The answers lay within every one of us. It is up to us to push and motivate ourselves to be the people they sought us out to be.

One thing is certain: Our mentors saw potential in us. They demonstrated that giving up on us was not an option. They demonstrated persistence with us; they showed us they cared. They were willing to assist in developing our success, not by being successful with us, but by guiding us toward molding that success and reaching it without a pedestal. They saw something unique and bright in us. Now, it’s time to see this in ourselves and in others.

We will all become role models after this virus has left our community.